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Srijaroen Group with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand was founded in 1970 by the Sinthunont Family. Having initially started up has a rubber manufacturer, the company has now expanded and diversified into Palm Oil, oranges and energy. Srijaroen has supplied its products to a number of local and multinational companies.


Srijaroen Group was founded during 1970 in Na Bon, Nakhon-Si-Thammarat province, Southern Thailand. The company began as a manufacturer of Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), which is regarded as a vital agricultural product of Thailand.
However, under the leadership and vision of the Sinthunont family, Srijaroen has now grown its rubber business to also produce and supply RSS1-5, STR5L, STR5, STR5CV50, STR5CV60, SKIM BLOCK and Concentrated Latex (60% DRC). These products have been used in the manufacturing of a wide range of rubber based products.

More recently, Srijaroen has began supplying RSS grade as TSR packing, which is produced using an extruder machine, and also Compound Rubber (natural rubber mixed with synthetic rubber etc).

Furthermore, with expertise in producing agricultural goods gained from its rubber interests, Srijaroen has diversified into other markets such as Palm Oil, oranges and energy.

Always displaying innovation and entrepreneurship, Srijaroen recognised the potential of the Palm Oil industry by setting up Oil Palm plantations and Palm Oil mill in Krabi, Thailand during 1989. Today, Srijaroen offers Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) and has established itself one of the leading Thai suppliers.

rubber palm

OrangesSrijaroen’s orange plantation is also located in Krabi, Thailand. The oranges are sold under the “Som Shogun Srijaroen” brand and are targeted at the Thai upper class through various local retailers and markets. Thus far results have been very positive.

As part of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, Srijaroen was successful in using wastewater treatment to produce electricity. In 2009 Srijaroen began supplying electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand. The aim of this involvement is to contribute towards sustainable development within Thailand and other countries.

The group is confident that it will continue to grow and overcome challenges, just like it has done in the past. However, in doing so, Srijaroen will not move away from its commitment to strengthen every capability and improve business standards in every industry it operates in.
Srijaroen acknowledges and appreciates that its success and growth would not have been possible without the support of its loyal customers, devoted employees and external business partners.

Affiliated Companies:
1. Srijaroen Rubber Co., Ltd.
2. Srijaroen Latex Co., Ltd.
3. Srijaroen Karnyang Co., Ltd.
4. Srijaroen Palm Oil Co., Ltd.
5. Srijaroen Palm Estate Co., Ltd.
6. Srijaroen Plantation Co., Ltd.

Products Description
1. Ribbed Smoked Sheet: RSS1-5
2. Latex: Concentrated 60% DRC (Dry Rubber Content): High Ammonia, Low Ammonia
3. Standard Thai Rubber: STR-5L, STR5, STR5CV50, STR5CV60, Skim Block
5. Compound Rubber
6. Crude Palm Oil, Kernel Crude Palm Oil, By-product
7. Fruit “Orange”
8. Biogas to Electricity

Head Office
888/126 Mahatun Plaza Building, 12th Floor, Room 126,
Ploenchit Road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel (662) 254-2954-6, (662) 253-8081-2
Fax (662) 253-1986
Website: www.srijaroengroup.com

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